Whether you are playing the stock market, debating whether to lock in your mortgage long-term or wagering on NFL games, you are gambling. Despite your best research and effort and risk versus reward analysis, the end result is out of your hands. The best you can do is study betting trends in whatever area of investment you are focusing on.

At BettingTrends.com, we will be providing the latest sports gambling angles and patterns to give sports fans as much information as possible before they make their decisions. Coming soon – tons of new data, streak information and stats to help you win your office pools, fantasy contests and Vegas sports bets..

NFL Trends

In sports wagering, football is king and more people seek out NFL betting information than any other sport. Whether it’s head-to-head matchup patterns, bye-week analysis or player-based stats, there will soon be reports on every game and create-your-own-trend functionality!

College Football Angles

The joke is that bettors win on Saturday betting college football, then give it all back Sunday losing in the NFL. That’s not entirely true, but there are factors in NCAA football that make trends more reliable and which can help you pad your weekend wagering bankroll.

NBA Trends

They say the hardest sport to beat consistently is the NBA point spread. And the trends seem to bear this out, with over-unders and spreads always seeming to hover around 50%. That’s a hard way to make a living betting NBA, but it can be done when you know what to look for.

Baseball Betting

For MLB fans, picking baseball winners starts and ends with the pitchers. Starters decide who is favoured on the MLB money line odds as well as totals, so studying team and pitcher trends is crucial for success. Check out stats, streaks, patterns and more here at BettingTrends.com.

Bet On College Basketball

With so many teams and so many athletes, pinning down a solid handicapping angle can be tough in NCAA hoops. Still, there are terrific trends to be found in UNC vs Duke games, in games when Georgetown is a favorite and countless other team and coaching tendencies.

NHL Hockey Trends

Decades-old rivalries and entrenched home and road tendencies make betting on NHL games a potentially lucrative pastime. Patterns and streaks involving division foes often point to significant betting value when it comes to NHL puck lines and moneyline wagers.

More Tendencies and Streaks

But wait, that’s not all.  We’ve got the latest information from leagues world-wide.

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