Baseball betting surpasses all North American sports in terms of sheer wagering numbers – there are so many games to bet every day. And with that volume of action comes opportunity for profits for those identifying key baseball betting trends. Whether it’s find over-under trends, or angles based on team matchups or even streaks involving starting pitchers, we are here to provide the data so you can place more informed baseball wagers.

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The advances in baseball metrics has given managers and players an edge in terms of figuring out their opponents. Whether its pitcher tendencies or defensive field position switches or excessive use of bullpens to find better percentages, baseball has gotten more predictable. And that’s great news for baseball bettors.  

No sport contains more data and therefore no sport contains more potential betting strategies and theories. So we explore teams trends, pitcher trends, matchup trends, even 5-inning tendencies for winning and over-under trends. The oddsmakers simply play the numbers and percentages in setting and moving MLB lines, so this is your chance to beat them at their own game while turning a nice profit.  

MLB Team and Pitcher Trends

Some teams have sparkling road records and terrible home marks. Why? Some pitchers are great in April and May and fade late in the season. Why? Do those trends hold up over several years? If yes, then its worth trying to learn why.

Why were the New York Yankees such as a horrible bet as a September road underdog between 2016 and 2020? They were just 5-15 in 20 games in that scenario. Otherwise, they were a solid performer. But whether it was slacking off before the playoffs or choking away a chance to get into the playoffs, the Yankees struggled. But in divisional home games? New York was on a 25-5 SU run through the end of the 2019 season.

How about Clayton Kershaw, who hasn’t been a home underdog since 2010 by the way. Don’t think he is worth the risk as a home favorite of 250 or greater2020 season? Well, in 30 games from 2015-2019, he was 25-5 as -250 or more.

MLB Game Trends

Baseball trends involving division rivals can be some of the most one-sided betting angles because the teams can play each other almost 20 times per season. Between Apr. 4 2019 and the end of the 2019 season, the Yankees played the Baltimore Orioles 16 times. They won 16 times. True the Orioles were bad, but c’mon. What’s going on there?  

And the last 15 times in 2019 that the cheating Houston Astros played the Texas Rangers, the home team won 12 times. Even when Texas was a huge home underdog of +195 or more, they continued to beat their state rivals. Why?  

MLB League-Wide Trends

League trends are more difficult to pin down in baseball because of the amount of games. But learning how road underdogs of +200 or more perform in general can be a great handicapping tool to look for those angles. Same story when a total is very high or very low. Does the OVER usually prevail when the total is low at 6.5? Is the UNDER typically a good bet if the total is high at 11.5?

We will be mining these trends as the site evolves in the coming months, so stay tuned and watch the Twitter feed for announcements of new features in the future.