Winning basketball wagers is one of the toughest things to master in sports gambling, which makes credible NBA betting trends so valuable. The 3-point revolution, the speed of play and the disparity between good teams and garbage teams make consistently beating the spread ever more difficult. But there are patterns and stat breakdowns that help produce winning trends.

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NBA betting trends as 2020 Resumes after Covid 19 - Can streaks and trends that were money makers before Covid 19 continue after Covid 19? The NBA season is slated to resume July 30 in Orlando in freakish new format… ...

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Handicapping the NBA has gotten progressively more difficult. The three-point game means blowouts are common, but so are huge comebacks. Your winning point spread bet can evaporate with a few three-pointers in the dying moments of a game – this is the backdoor cover, which is great if you get lucky, but is a bankroll killer when you lose. And some matchups seem to always produce the same outcome, regardless of season, regardless of circumstance.

This is great information to have. We research NBA team trends, game trends (matchups) and league-wide NBA betting trends (such as all home favorites of 10 points or more or all non-conference road underdogs results). Sometimes, you have handicapped a game and use a strange trend as reason to back off a bet. Sometimes that information validates your decision.

NBA Team Trends

Some teams never lose at home and never win on the road. Look at the 2020 Philadelphia 76ers – the league’s best home record, but also the league’s second-worst road record. Some teams are great in the opening months but terrible late in the season.

From March 3 2019 to March 8 2020, the Boston Celtics played nine home games in the month of March – they went 0-9 ATS. Feel like betting against the Houston Rockets in November homes games? Bad idea, since 2017 season, the Rockets are 17-3 SU and 13-7 ATS. Why did the Pelicans play OVER the total in 13 straight Thursday night games during the 2019-2020 season? Maybe there is a reason, maybe it’s just a weird pattern. But I would like to know that fact either way.

NBA Game Trends

Game trends can be profitable as well. Some teams just seem to have another team’s number. Why have the 76ers lost 15 straight regular season games at Toronto? Worse, they are just 3-12 ATS from Jan 2013 through the 2020 season. Then the Raptors are just 3-12 ATS in 15 recent games at Indiana. Turn it around and the Pacers had lost 13 straight at Toronto through the end of 2020 season.

The NBA trends list is full of betting angles like this. We will tell you about as many as we can.

NBA League-Wide Trends

Some bettors prefer to find situational trends, rather than team-specific streaks or matchup-related patterns. What does that mean? How do all small NBA road underdogs of three points or less fare? What about double-digit home favorites when playing divisional foes? In these scenarios, bettors are less focused on the teams than the situation. And these trends can ebb and flow as well.

We will be mining these trends as the site evolves in the coming months, so stay tuned and watch the Twitter feed for announcements of new features in the future..