Many football fans feel that NFL betting trends can have more predictability value than those in other sports. Whether that is true or whether ‘trends’ are simply ‘interesting historical patterns’ is open for debate. But one thing is certain – successful bettors would rather know the information and make a decision about it, rather than not know it at all.

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Super Bowl Coin Toss Trends - There are patterns and clear Super Bowl coin toss trends that continued at Super Bowl 54. Tails remained hot and became a 6-1 trend in the past seven. The NFC’s… ...

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Sometimes Lady Luck trumps handicapping and logic. Sometimes there is just something strange happening between certain teams that always tips the final score in one team’s favor. We study NFL team trends, NFL game trends (matchups) and also league-wide NFL betting trends (such as all home underdogs results or all divisional road favorites results).

You will hear plenty about NFL betting trends coming from TV announcers and from YouTube bloggers. You will read about them in articles and tweets. And you will see for yourself – by searching our trends lists and free searchable NFL database – that you can mine your own data and identify your own angles.

NFL Team Trends

Some teams are great at home and terrible on the road. Some teams are terrific in September and never win in November. Some teams are weak home favorites, while others are vicious as home underdogs. Seattle won as a road underdog in September in 2019, which doesn’t sound very interesting, because the Seahawks have been a perennial contender for decades. So explain this: before that Sept. 15, 2019 win at Pittsburgh, Seattle had gone 18 years without winning as an early-season road dog. Why? They had lost 15 straight and gone just 1-13-1 ATS!

NFL Game Trends

Game trends or NFL matchup trends can be money makers especially in divisional games, where rivalries seem to entrench patterns. Some teams dominate others, SU and ATS. Other matchups leave you scratching your head and hurting your wallet. The Miami Dolphins have been terrible for a long time. The New England Patriots have been awesome for a long time. But in this AFC East rivalry, the Dolphins were inexplicably 9-2-1 ATS from 2004 to 2019 in games played in December. Miami was also 7-5 SU over those 12 games. Over that same time frame and beyond, the equally bad Buffalo Bills were 3-27 SU against the Pats. Why?

NFL League-Wide Trends

Many handicappers like to apply overall league trends to their NFL betting strategy. Some bettors like to bet against home favorites of seven points or more. Other bettors love to bet small home underdogs. It doesn’t matter which teams are playing, it’s the point spread situation that bettors focus on. So we will keep track of how home favorites are doing so your can follow the recent and long-term NFL trends. We will introduce trends focused on teams coming off two consecutive losses or teams coming off a bye week.