Soccer Odds

There are three primary methods of betting on soccer that are most popular in the US and North America.

Soccer Moneyline – Known as ‘Odds to Win’ or ‘Win Loss Draw’ this is a three-way type of betting where you can bet on the home team, the road team and also a tie (or draw). It will look like this:

Away Team+350
Home Team-140

In this scenario, the away team is a big underdog at +350, meaning a $100 bet on that team would pay out a nice $350 profit. The home team is favored at -140, meaning a $140 wager would return a $100 profit if that team wins. And both of those scenarios are losers if the game ends in a draw, in which case people betting on the draw get a $260 profit from risking $100.

Soccer spread betting – you will see – 0.5 and +1.5 listed in the soccer odds listings. These are indicating the number of goals that a team is favored by or an underdog by.

Away Team+0.5, (-125)
Home Team -0.5, (+105)

In this case, the Away Team gets a half goal head start but you pay -125 because that is the favorite position. The Home team is minus half a goal, but you get a little +105 bonus if they win by a goal. In other words, if you bet $100 on Home Team to win, the profit is $105.

Totals – Just like other sports, betting soccer totals or over-unders is pretty simple. You are betting on whether the combined score will be over or under the oddsmaker’s number. The total can range from 1.5 goals to 6.5 goals in some cases where top teams face terrible teams. You will see:

OVER3 (-125)
UNDER3 (+105)

The same logic on the -125 and +105 applies. The OVER 3 is favored, so the ‘price’ is higher at $125 risk for a $100 profit. The UNDER earns $105 profit on just the $100 risk.